Apply for a rental voucher

Rental assistance programs provide financial rental assistance to low-income persons renting apartments on the private market.

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The Details of Apply for a rental voucher

What you need for Apply for a rental voucher

You need to determine if you are applying for a mobile voucher, a project based voucher or both.??With a?mobile voucher you need to find a housing unit?on the private market.? A project based voucher is tied to one housing unit and can only be used at that address. ?

Mobile HCVP/Section 8: This is the Federal Section 8 program.? You apply at the Regional Administering Agency that serves?the?town you live in.??That agency can be located here: Service Providers.? You can also apply at Mass NAHRO.?

Project based HCVP/Section 8 or project based MRVP: These vouchers are tied to specific private housing developments and cannot change location.? You need to apply separately to each development.? These sites provide listings and links to individual developments Mass Access and in the Boston area Boston Metrolist

Mobile MRVP and AHVP vouchers:? For MRVP, apply at the local housing authority in the town you?live in. You can locate your Local Housing Authority here Service Providers.?AHVP is a program for non-elderly?individuals with disabilities. These are state funded rental voucher programs.? Local Housing Authorities that administer AHVP

VASH:? This is a federal voucher program for eligible Veterans.?? Apply at your local Veteran’s Administration Hospital.? You can find more information by calling 1-877-4AID-VET or their website.

How to find Apply for a rental voucher

There are no application forms online to apply for rental assistance vouchers.?Please contact the?Housing Consumer Education Centers at 1-800-224-5124

Contact for Apply for a rental voucher

100 Cambridge Street, Suite 300, Boston, MA 02114
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