Reopening Advisory Board

Advising the administration on strategies to reopen the economy in phases based on health and safety metrics.

About us

On April 28, Governor Baker announced the formation of the Reopening Advisory Board, which will be Co-Chaired by Lt. Governor Karyn Polito and Housing and Economic Development Secretary Mike Kennealy. The Board includes representatives from the business community, public health officials, and municipal leaders from across the Commonwealth. This group is charged with advising the administration on strategies to reopen the economy in phases based on health and safety metrics.

The Board?will meet with key stakeholders and solicit input from a variety of constituencies over the next three weeks to develop a report by May 18th?that will include:

  • The different phases that the state will follow as we recover from the public health crisis
  • What activities and industries are safe to resume in each phase
  • The public health metrics that would indicate it is safe to move from one phase to the next
  • General business guidance about social distancing, personal protection, and cleaning protocols that all businesses will need to follow upon reopening
  • Industry specific guidance and detailed protocols for how to reopen safely

This report is due on the 18th, but the administration has made clear that public health data and guidance from health care experts will dictate the timeline of the re-opening process.

  • Aron Ain

    CEO, Kronos Inc & Ultimate Software

  • Joe Bahena

    Senior Vice President, Joseph Abboud Manufacturing

  • Monica Bharel MD, MPH 

    Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health

  • Kathryn Burton

    Chief of Staff, City of Boston

  • Steve DiFillippo

    CEO, Davios Restaurants

  • Pamela Everhart

    Head of Regional Public Affairs and Community Relations, Fidelity Investments

  • Wendy Hudson

    Owner, Nantucket Book Partners / Co-Founder, Cisco Brewers

  • Mark Keroack

    MD, MPH, President & CEO, Baystate Health

  • Nicole LaChapelle

    Mayor, City of Easthampton

  • Laurie Leshin

    Ph.D., President, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

  • Linda Markham

    President, Cape Air

  • Girish Navani

    CEO and Co-Founder, eClinicalWorks

  • Stephanie Pollack

    Secretary of Transportation

  • Daniel Rivera

    Mayor, City of Lawrence

  • Corey Thomas

    CEO, Rapid 7

  • Rochelle Walensky

    MD, MPH, Massachusetts General Hospital

  • Carlo Zaffanella

    Vice President and General Manager, Maritime & Strategic Systems, General Dynamics Mission Systems

Recent news & announcements from Reopening Advisory Board

Press Release

Baker-Polito Administration Announces Four-Phase Approach to Reopening and Publishes Mandatory Workplace Safety Standards 

5/11/2020 Office of Governor Charlie Baker and Lt. Governor Karyn Polito

New standards will apply to all workplaces when phased reopening begins

Press Release

Baker-Polito Administration Extends Non-Essential Business Closures to May 18th, Announces Reopening Advisory Board 

4/28/2020 Office of Governor Charlie Baker and Lt. Governor Karyn Polito

Gatherings of 10 or more prohibited until May 18th, Stay at Home Advisory Remains in Effect

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