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Section 8 Plans

Documents, forms and guides regarding Section 8 program administration.

Guidelines and Information

Section 8 Administrative Plan

DHCD is pleased to release this updated version of its Housing Choice Voucher Administrative Plan, effective March 16, 2020.? The updated version is designed to be more user-friendly and streamlined, and provides clarity and updates on policies.? The Plan continues to reflect?DHCD's status as a full Moving to Work (MTW) PHA, therein denoting changes and effective dates consistent with its HUD-approved MTW Annual Plans.


Moving To Work

Moving to Work Program Information

MTW Activity Plan


Section 8 Administrative?Plan Amendments:

2019-01: Mainstream 2018

2016-01: PBV Veterans Preference

2014-01: Income of Foster Children and Adults


Section 8 Program Information

Section 8/Housing Choice Voucher Program: Language Access Plan

HUD and DHCD HQS Inspection Training Guide

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